Sony details new PS3 firmware update

  • London (England) - Playstation 3 users will soon be able to watch DVDs upscaled to 1080p and access their console from anywhere in the world with an Internet-connected PSP.

    PS3 firmware 1.80 is on its way, with a focus on expanding upscaling and remote play options.  Sony says the new update will allow users to watch standard definition DVDs upscaled all the way to 1080p, the highest commercial standard available.

    In addition, Playstation and PS2 games will also be marginally upscaled to provide better resolution when played on an HDTV via the PS3.

    Additionally, the new firmware will expand the PSP's remote play option.  Right now, users can access stored content on their PS3, like videos and music, on their PSP via a local wireless connection.

    The 1.80 update makes the remote play option available through Wi-Fi, allowing users always-on access to their PS3 media from anywhere with an Internet connection.

    The update will be available in Europe tomorrow, with North America to follow.