Xbox firmware update adds Messenger integration

  • Redmond (WA) - Microsoft has released an update for the Xbox 360, which adds the much talked about integration with MSN's Live Messenger application.

    The new dashboard update will be downloaded for Xbox 360 users upon the next time they sign into Xbox Live.  The biggest addition to the console's firmware is the ability to chat with people on a proprietary version of Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger).

    The Xbox Live Marketplace also receives an overhaul with the update.  Instead of filtering the Marketplace content throughout several different dashboard sections, a new option will show all content, including games, movies, and trailers, in one centralized location.

    Additionally, achievement notification pop-ups will now include the name of the achievement and Gamerscore value.  Other updates include additional video chat settings, the ability to track Xbox Live Arcade games that registered friends are playing, and a power-saving mode for background downloads while the console is turned off.