Internet browser for original DS not going to retail stores

  • Redmond (WA) - Nintendo will only ship DS Lite versions of the long-awaited browser software to retail stores.  Owners of the original DS will have to turn to Nintendo's online store and other official e-outlets.

    The DS browser, which is set to hit North America on June 4, comes more than a year after it first arrived in Japan and several months since the European launch.  In that time, the original version of the Nintendo DS has become somewhat obsolete.

    Most DS software works interchangeably between the two hardware formats, but because the browser makes use of the DS Lite's slimmer GBA cartridge slot, it won't fit into the older model.

    Nintendo will sell the old DS version of the browser on its official online store, and will also be available from a select few online retailers, reports Gamespot.