Sony reveals digital camera for the PSP

  • London (England) - Sony announced details today about its first-party digital camera for the portable PSP system.  Named the "Go Cam", it will come out in Europe first before making to North America.

    The Go Cam will function both as a still picture camera and a digital camcorder, with a built-in microphone.  It will mount on top of the PSP and can turn 180 degrees.

    Sony added digital camera functionality for the PSP in a system update months ago.  The Go Cam will be the first device that can actually make use of the new menu button.

    In addition, the camera will include a UMD disc of "Go Edit", a video/photo editing application for the PSP.  The retail price is set at EUR 50, roughly $70.  It's set to go on sale in Europe on May 16, with a U.S. debut expected in the months to come.

    Europe is also scheduled to get Sony's Playstation Eye for the PS3 in June.