Details emerge about PS3 EyeToy

  • London (England) - Sony Computer Entertainment Europe today announced details about the PS3's Playstation Eye, the successor to the cult PS2 hit known as the EyeToy.

    Sony says the new camera will have cleaner, sharper motion sensing by cutting back on response time and increasing the frame rate.  In addition, the camera will have a large focus on video capturing and editing.

    Users will be able to create videos, with sound, and save them to the PS3 hard drive.  There's also a new zoom feature and a handful of visual effects.  In Europe, the Playstation Eye will come bundled with EyeCreate, a video editing application for the PS3.

    Like the EyeToy, the Playstation Eye will make its debut in Europe, with a launch there scheduled for this summer.  Sony Computer Entertainment America has not announced when it will make its way overseas.

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