Hot Shots Golf team branches out to Tennis on the PS2

  • Foster City (CA) - The team behind Sony's first-party Hot Shots Golf series is expanding its horizon, with the announcement of Hot Shots Tennis for the PS2.

    Hot Shots Tennis will be the first game to feature the Hot Shots brand and likeness in a sport other than golf.  The newly announced titles will feature "wacky characters...exotic court locaions, and game modes," according to Sony's press release.

    Developed by the Clap Hanz, the name behind every Hot Shots Golf game except the first one, Hot Shots Tennis will be heading to the 6-year-old PS2 platform.  Sony's older console is still selling better than the PS3, so the company is far from dropping support for the PS2.  Meanwhile, Clap Hanz is also working on a new Hot Shots Golf installment for the PS3.

    Hot Shots Tennis is set for a July 2007 launch at a list price of around $30.