Pac-Man world championship offers winner free sandwiches for 26 years

  • Redmond (WA) - Boy do we have a contest for those hungry Pac-Man players out there.  Namco Bandai and Microsoft have teamed up to offer their Pac-Man world championships with the winner getting 26 years of Quiznos sandwiches.  The tournament will be held on Xbox 360 consoles through the Xbox Live network and will run from April 25th to May 9th.

    Players will compete in a leaderboard type format and ten finalists will be flown to New York City on June 5th to compete for top place.  One finalist will be drawn from each of these five regions: Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Japan and Mexico while two finalists will be drawn from Europe and the United States.  A wildcard 10th finalist will be the winner of a separate Pac-Man fan video contest.

    In New York City the winner will meet Pac-Man’s creator Toru Iwatani and will get a special Pac-Man-themed Xbox 360 along with 100,000 Microsoft points to spend on games and movies.  He/she will also get 26 years worth of Quiznos sandwiches which sounds insane, but upon reading the fine print it looks much less impressive.  The winner only gets one sandwich a week.

    Gamers can get more details and enter the contest at .