First Wi-Fi Sonic game heading to Nintendo DS

  • San Francisco (CA) - Sega today announced details about Sonic Rush Adventure, the first online multiplayer Sonic game in the blue hedgehog's 15 year history.

    The game aims to be a mix between its two namesakes, the popular Sonic Adventure Dreamcast game and the first DS Sonic game, Sonic Rush.  In addition to 2D side-scrolling rounds, there is a storyline and a handful of side-quest adventure elements.

    Where the game is likely to make the most waves, though, is in regard to its WiFi functionality.  For the first time on a Sonic game, Rush Adventure offers online multiplayer for races and battles between multiple Internet-connected DS systems. There will also be local wireless, single-card multiplayer.

    Sonic Rush Adventure is slated for a release some time this fall.

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