Nintendo launches full version of Wii Internet channel

  • Redmond (WA) - The finalized version of the Wii's web browser is now available as a free download from the console's online store.

    The console's browser, which was supposed to be available by the end of March, is the last of the initially announced channels to make its way to the Wii.

    For the most part, the new browser interface just adds performance tweaks over the trial version.  For example, it's now more intuitive to scroll through web pages and enter predictive text.  The zoom feature has also been retooled, allowing enlarged views of websites without distorting images or text.

    Additionally, there's a search button on the home page and the bottom toolbar, which automatically calls up a Yahoo or Google search.

    The new channel will be available in the Wii Shop after downloading a system update.  Users who currently have the trial version of the Internet channel can also download a free upgrade.  After June 30, the channel will cost 500 Wii Points ($5).

    The Internet channel is powered by specialty browser developer Opera.  It also created the Nintendo DS browser, which will make its way to the US on June 4.