Guitar Hero 3 gets slated for Wii, Xbox 360, PS3

  • Sunnyvale (CA) - The next Guitar Hero will rock on all next-generation platforms, with a release scheduled for this fall.  It will mark the first entry to the franchise since Namco gave the boot to previous developer Harmonix.

    Activision's in-house studio Neversoft has taken hold of the series and will create the first entry with an exclusive focus on the new consoles.  It will be the second entry for the Xbox 360, which added Guitar Hero II to its library last week.

    It's one of only a select few games so far to head to all three consoles.  With the Wii's unique control interface and the Xbox 360 achievements, developers need to devote more resources to console-specific specifications than any previous generation.

    Harmonix, the most prolific music/rhythm game maker, is working on a new Guitar Hero competitor with Rock Band, a title that will include controls for two guitars, a drum, and a karaoke singer.