Wii beats out Xbox 360, PS3 in January

  • Port Washington (NY) - The Wii sold more than 140,000 units more than its closest next-gen competitor, the Xbox 360, according to sales figures from NPD Group.  It also edged out the PS3 by nearly 200,000 units.

    NPD reports that about 436,000 Wii consoles were sold during the first month of 2007.  That's compared to 294,000 for the Xbox 360 and 244,000 for the PS3.

    The Wii has remained an elusive item since its launch last November.  In major cities, people continue to line up hours before store openings to guarantee themselves a console.  The Xbox 360 and PS3 are now well in stock throughout the country.

    The PS2 actually nabbed the #2 spot in console sales for January, claiming 300,000 units.  It remains the only console of the previous generation to still have a full upcoming release schedule.  The PS2 has been priced at around $130 this April 2006.