iTunes offers pro-rated album prices for previously purchased tracks

  • Cupertino (CA) - Apple announced today that it will begin lowering prices of complete albums by 99 cents for each song that users have already downloaded.

    Individual music tracks are priced at 99 cents, though users can also purchase complete albums, sometimes at discounted rates.  The new "Complete My Album" service will mark off 99 cents from an album's price for every track that the user has previously purchased from iTunes.

    Users will have 180 days from the purchase of a song to get 99 cents off any album that includes that song.  The discount from an individual track can only be applied to one album.

    "With Complete My Album, iTunes is giving music fans the best of both worlds -- the ability to discover great new music by buying just the single and a credit toward the purchase of the complete album," said Sony BMG president Thomas Hesse.