Microsoft lifts the curtain on 120 GB Xbox 360 Elite

  • Redmond (WA) - The fabled 120 GB, black Xbox 360 is now official, as Microsoft today unveiled details about the new high-end console. Among other features, the Xbox 360 Elite adds an HDMI port and a hard drive twice the size of what the premium PlayStation 3 offers.

    The new model comes in a black finish, as does the packaged controller, cables, and headset. Microsoft says it developed the new higher capacity 120 GB hard drive because of the increased popularity of high-definition video, and because of demand for larger Xbox Live Arcade games.

    The hard drive is a massive six times the size of what is included with the current premium version of the console. Microsoft recently increased the cap on the size of downloadable XBL Arcade titles, following the release of the 2 GB Tekken 5 on the PS3's online service.

    The Xbox 360 Elite will be the first version of the console to have high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) support. The Xbox 360 has always supported HD output, but previously it was only available through component cables.

    The console will make its way to the US first, with a debut scheduled for April 29. Microsoft has set a retail price of around $480. Included in the package are a wireless controller, ethernet cable, headset, component cables, and an HDMI cable.