PlayStation3 surpass PCs in Folding@Home computations

  • Culver City (CA) - The recent release of the Folding@Home plug-in for PlayStation 3 game consoles has gotten off to a very successful start. According to statistics released today, more than 14,000 PS3 owners are working on the distributed protein-folding project and those consoles are currently contributing more than double the work of Windows computers. According to Folding@Home, the PlayStation 3's are computing work units at 346 trillion floating point operations a second which is more than 200 trillion more than Windows machines, despite the fact that there is a greater than a ten to 1 ratio of Windows computers to PlayStation 3 consoles working on the project.

    The Folding@Home plug-in was released today along with the new firmware version 1.60. After downloading the firmware, PS3 owners will need to install the plug-in through the Network media menu. The plugin weighs in at 50 MB and from our experience, installs fairly quickly.

    So far the average work unit takes around eight to nine hours to complete. Work units on Windows computers generally take several days to finish.