PlayStation 3 launches in Europe, Sony gives free 46" TVs

  • London (England) - After numerous delays the PlayStation 3 has finally launched in Europe at a price of €599 / £425 ($835) with one million units available across the continent.

    The UK launch was delayed in many shops which had planned a midnight opening as police in London and other city's feared an increase in muggings during the launch night. At the official launch at a Virgin Megastore in London everyone who bought a PS3 was given a free taxi ride home due to security concerns. The first 100 people in line also got a free 46" HDTV with their console, amounting to a £250,000 ($490,000) giveaway at the launch. 

    Sony has an uphill battle to fight, with US sales figures from the NPD group seeing the console lagging behind the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360 in month-on-month sales. Sony claims that the European launch has seen faster sales than the company saw with the launch of the PS2, but it is the follow through in the coming months which will really matter.