Sony launches Euro PS3 backward compatibility site

  • London (England) - People from areas of the country that will see the PS3 for the first time on Thursday can now check to see if their PS2 collection will work on the next-gen console.  Sony today launched the backward compatibility list two days ahead of the PS3 release.

    Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia will all receive a less costly PS3 than the US and Japan, with the removal of the PS2 processor.  This means that more than half of the PS2 games in these regions will not work on the new system.

    Sony today launched an online list of all the games that work with the PS3.  Any title not on the list will not be compatible on the system when it launches on Thursday.

    The list, which was originally planned to go live on the day of the PS3 launch in Europe, also categorizes the games that do work into levels of compatibility.  They are ranked as "should play on PS3 with noticeable issues", "should play on PS3 with minor issues", and "no known issues to date".

    The list can be accessed on Sony's European Playstation site.