Nintendo Wii remains the top selling console in February

  • Culver City (CA) - The Nintendo Wii has continued to outsell its rivals the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 during the usually quite lean month of February according to data released by the NPD group. The Wii sold 335,000 units in February, the Xbox 360 came in a full 100,000 units below with 228,000 units sold; and the PlayStation 3 came in last with 127,000 consoles sold.

    February is a slow month for video games and consoles, and that was reflected in the sales, with the Wii down 23% on January, the Xbox 360 down 22% and the PlayStation 3 down a substantial 49%, with Sony marketing people now attempting to quash rumors that consumers simply prefer to buy the cheaper Wii or Xbox 360 instead of the PS3.

    Overall the Xbox 360 maintains its lead in sales, having been released a year before the other two consoles, with 5.1 million Xbox 360's sold, versus 1.9 million Wii's and 1.1 million PlayStation 3's.