Eidos lets off some Steam

  • London (England) - Eidos today announced a new digital download agreement, allowing users to download PC games from Valve's Steam service.

    Classic franchises will be the first titles from Eidos to appear on the download platform.  Tomb Raider, Commandos, and Hitman are all Steam-bound.  So is Championship Manager 2007 and other new titles that Eidos says will come out on Steam day and date with the retail versions.

    It "provides us a direct connection to these extremely active PC influencers who frequent Steam as a source for new content and information," said Eidos exec Tom Marx.

    Several titles were added to Steam today, including Just Cause, Commandos 1 through 3, and Battlestations: Midway.  Most games are either $20 or $40.  Eidos is offering 10% off all its titles until March 26.