Gamespy confirmed as the company behind Wii online

  • Los Angeles (CA) - After a successful stint so far with providing the middleware for online DS games, Gamespy today confirmed that it will be the provider for online multiplayer services for future Wii titles.

    Pokemon Battle Revolution, which is due out on June 25, will be Nintendo's flagship title utilizing Gamespy's technology on a home console platform.  The pending Super Smash Bros Brawl is also confirmed to include online multiplayer, with third party publishers expected to enter the Wii WiFi community in 2008.

    Gamespy, which merged with IGN Entertainment in 2003 and then was subsequently acquired by News Corp, has been providing online multiplayer technology for the Nintendo DS since 2005.  So far, the list only includes about two dozens titles and they are not really pushing the technological envelope.

    Online multiplayer for the Wii will be a much more intensive project, with Nintendo promising additional services like in-game chatting and global competitions.  Most online DS titles sport only a bare bones WiFi multiplayer mode.