Ubisoft introduces Jam Sessions for the DS

  • San Francisco (CA) - Ubisoft announced today that it is working on a new Nintendo DS title that turns the handheld system into a virtual guitar.  The game, Jam Sessions, is due out this summer.

    Using the touchscreen input, users will be able to stum a virtual guitar to play along with music that appears on the screen.  The mechanics will be presented in multiple play modes, including a progressional "performance mode", and the ability to record individual jam sessions.

    Ubisoft VP Tony Key described the game as "a guitar in your pocket, but that’s just the beginning. It’s a chance for people who have never thought of themselves as ‘musically inclined’ to jump right in and play through entire songs, compose their own music and sing along with friends."

    The game is due out in North America some time in June.