Nintendo dates first Wii WiFi, DS connectivity title

  • Redmond (WA) - Nintendo is using its popular Pokemon franchise to debut two of the Wii's previously untapped features.  Pokemon Battle Revolution will open up the console's online gaming capabilities as well as connectivity with the Nintendo DS when it is released this June.

    Gamers will be able to battle other Pokemon trainers around the world.  The online feature will also open up additional content that can be downloaded to the game.

    Pokemon Battle Revolution will also be the first game to feature Wii/DS connectivity.  Users will be able to wirelessly link the handheld system to remotely control some of the functions in the game.  Additionally, it will allow them to transfer Pokemon between Battle Revolution and Pokemon Diamond & Pearl, which launch for the DS on April 22.

    Pokemon Battle Revolution and Super Smash Bros Brawl are the two Wii titles initially speculated to have online connectivity.  Brawl has yet to get an official release date.  Meanwhile, third-party publishers have been restricted from adding online multiplayer to their games until Nintendo gets it up and running.

    Pokemon Battle Revolution will begin shipping to stores on June 25.