DiamondWare's 3D voice technology added to HeroEngine

  • San Francisco (CA) - DiamondWare and Simutronics have partnered up to add 3D-aware voice chat to Simutronics' HeroEngine, an MMO technology platform. The partnership could help future MMOs use realistic and high-definition 32 kilohertz audio chat in private and group settings. 

    Neil Harris, Executive Vice President of Simutronics says the new voice chat will let others listen to conversations, even if multiple people are talking over the channel. Modern MMO players like those in World of Warcraft and Everquest often use third-party chat programs like TeamSpeak or Ventrillo. Those programs operate like virtual walkie-talkies where only one person can talk at time.

    According to DiamondWare, voices will appear to come from the talking player's direction. In addition, the voices will fade out as the distance increases.

    Simutronics has also announced three new licensees of the HeroEngine. "A World of My Own" and games from two other US-based developers would presumably include the new 3D voice chat.