Test Drive Unlimited races to gold status on PS2, PC

  • New York (NY) - Atari today announced that it has finished work on Test Drive Unlimited for the PS2 and PC.  Shipments are planned to be heading to stores beginning March 20, with digital downloads of the PC game available now.

    The PC version of the game is one of the first new titles to use Atari's proprietary digital download service.

    "Offering Test Drive Unlimited for the PC to fans for digital download two weeks prior to retail launch, is part of a new online initiative for Atari to nurture our core consumers, open a dialogue and encourage our gamers to join our online community," said Atari online VP Chris Bergstresser.

    Test Drive Unlimited features more than 65 cars and thousands of miles of traversable roads.  The multi-platform title first hit the Xbox 360 in September of last year.  A pending PSP version is also in the works and is planned to be finished later this month, says Atari.

    Although the PS3 is already working on overpowering its predecessor, the PS2 has the most active online platform of the previous generation of consoles, and Test Drive Unlimited taps into that.  The PC and PSP versions will also have online multiplayer.

    The game is rated E and has a retail price for the PS2 and PC versions of $40.