Netflix to use Macrovision DRM for video downloads

  • Santa Clara (CA) – Macrovision today announced that Netflix will be using the firm’s content protection technology in its video download service.

    The Macrovision system will prevent consumers from copying or redistributing movies and make sure that, depending on the subscription plan, that only a certain number of Netflix movies are available on a PC. Dubbed Analog Copy Protection (ACP), the technology will be integrated into about 1000 movies that are or will be available for download through Netflix’ website.

    The new Netflix video download service will enable consumers to launch a videostream within 10 - 15 seconds of starting a download. The quality of the video depends on the available bandwidth: The minimum requirement is a 1 Mb/s connection; a 3 Mb/s line will deliver "DVD quality," according to Netflix.

    Netflix customers automatically can download movies: The $5.99/month plan will buy six hours of online videos per month, the $17.99/month plan buys 18 hours.

    Macrovision said that besides Netflix, BitTorrent, Movielink and Instant Media will use its DRM system as well.

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