EA adds video game music to iTunes

  • Redwood City (CA) - EA is coming to iTunes. According to an announcement today, music from dozens of EA games has been added to the iTunes library.

    The new deal with Apple's music store expands on EA's "Trax" service, a somewhat unnoticed page on its site that allows users to purchase CDs of music from its games. EA has contracted artists such as Good Charlotte, Scissor Sisters, and Franz Ferdinand to record music for their games. It even signed on The Black-Eyed Peas to re-record some of their songs in the nonsense language known as Simlish for its popular "The Sims" franchise.

    The market for video game soundtracks has been very limited in the US, and this move from EA is one of the biggest in the industry. "If it's in the game, it's now available for fans to own. We consider this to be the next major step in evolving the music discovery experience," said Stever Schnur, music and marketing executive at EA.

    The initial set of music available on iTunes includes songs from EA's Madden, FIFA, and Tiger Woods franchises, to name a few.