PS3 updates with firmware upgrade and most expensive download to date

  • Foster City (CA) - In a move that sets the PS3 apart from the Wii and Xbox 360, Sony is offering Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection through the Playstation Store with a price of $20.  Users also can now download a new, minimal firmware update.

    The $20 price tag makes it the most expensive digital download across all next-gen platforms.  Most games on the PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360 range from $5 - $10.

    The full version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was originally released in arcades, and then made its way to the PSP last year.  It's unknown exactly how big the PS3 download will be, but given the fact that PSP discs can hold nearly 2 GB, and the game has been upgraded to 1080p resolution, there's no question this will be the biggest download offered so far on the PS3.  Most other titles are significantly less than one gigabyte.

    A couple months ago, Sony commented that there was no limit to the size of the content it could offer on the Playstation Store.  The 60 GB hard drive on the premium version also makes it the console with the most built-in storage.

    Also today, Sony quietly introduced a new firmware update that likely won't affect most PS3 users.  Version 1.54 adds support for USB video class (UVC) cameras or webcams, for online video chat.  Along the same lines, the new update also adds screen ratio tweaks for users to better see each other while video chatting.