Over 1000 PS2 games to work with Euro PS3

  • London (England) - Sony has confirmed that more than 1000 PS2 titles will be compatible with the PS3 when it's released in Europe this month.  However, with over 5000 games in the PS2 repertoire, the volume of incompatible titles is considerable.

    Sony is working hard to build back loyalty in Europe, Africe, the Middle East, and Australia, which use a media encoding format known as PAL.  Last year, the company had to push back the PS3 launch more than four months in these regions to provide more supply to the key markets of Japan and the US.

    Then, last month, it was revealed that Sony cut back on production cost for the PAL version of the PS3 by limiting the backward compatibility with PS2 titles.  This move was a cost-saving strategy for Sony, so it did not announce price cuts on the console, which will retail for more than it did in the US (approximately $800 in most regions).

    The remarks were given by Playstation's worldwide figurehead Phil Harrison.  "The situation is changing everyday, but on March 23, we expect the list to include over 1000 PS2 titles," he said.  With the exclusion of the PS2 emotion engine, Sony has to rely on emulation for PS2 compatibility, which it says it will expand continuously through firmware updates.  

    Because of easier emulation for older games, backward compatibility of original Playstation titles is going to remain largely unaffected as a result of the hardware cutbacks.