Band to release CD and host release party inside of Second Life

  • It's a CD release party without the spilled wine, bouncers and paparazzi. The Sarah Mac band is releasing a CD and hosting their release party inside the virtual Second Life world. The event will happen at 3PM PST on Saturday December 2nd on "Muse Isle" a virtual island made for live music performances.

    The band says no artist or band has ever released a CD and held the release party inside a virtual world before. Fans will be able to buy the CD buy using Second Life's Linden Dollar currency. After the purchase, the songs can be downloaded in various formats. Real music bought with virtual money - how's that for 21st century?

    Second Life has attracted more business and corporate sponsors in the past months. Last month Dell announced a virtual store inside the game and IBM said it would hold more corporate meetings. IBM already meets dozens of clients inside the game.