EA sets up Wii development studio

  • Redwood City (CA) - Video game publishing giant Electronic Arts is so intrigued with the Wii that it has set up a development studio exclusive for the platform, according to media reports.

    The new studio, which is located in Salt Lake City, used to belong to developer Headgate Studios, until EA purchased the company and renamed it EA Salt Lake. Headgate Studios, a long-time development partner of EA, created most of the Tiger Woods and Madden NFL titles for the EA Sports franchise.

    EA is showing much stronger support for the Wii than in the final years of the Gamecube. The software maker released several games for the PS2 and Xbox, but not the Gamecube. With the Wii, EA seems to be more focused on original, exclusive content instead of a carbon copy of other platform titles.

    Currently in the Wii pipeline for EA are Tiger Woods 07, SSX, Need For Speed Carbon, and an exclusive Sims game. The company has already released Madden NFL 07 as a Wii launch title.