Nintendo Wii to make double the revenue of Sony PlayStation 3 at launch

  • I enjoy doing a bit of math in Google every now and again, and I just copped something amazing: The Nintendo Wii is going to have more than double the revenue of the Sony PlayStation 3 come November.

    In the United States, Sony is promising 400,000 units of the PS3 at launch. Nintendo is promising around 2 million Wii's for the US - GameStop alone is expecting 750,000 Wii's allocated at launch time.

    Now, if we give Sony the benefit of the doubt and say that every PS3 in the US will be sold at the higher $600 price point, and the Wii is obviously at $250 across the board, that means that Sony stands to have revenues of $240 million; Nintendo $500 million, presuming they sell all their consoles. Sony will obviously make much less than $240 million as not everybody is going to be buying their PS3 at $600.