Logitech intros Chillstream controller for PS3

  • Fremont (CA) - Logitech today introduced the Chillstream controller for the Playstation 3. Designed with a built-in fan, the manufacturer says it is built to keep gamers' hands cool and dry. The drawback is that it is not wireless and has no motion sensor, thus taking away some of the key features of other PS3 controllers.

    According to Logitech, the Chillstream controller integrates a 40 mm fan that circulates an area of 3.41 cubic feet of air every minute. The air comes out of six vents, three on each side of the controller. It can be set to high, low, or off.

    Unfortunately, even though the PS3 has no traditional controller ports, the Chillstream does not have wireless connectivity with the console, likely because the fan requires additional power that needs to be provided via a USB connection to the PS3. Also, at least the first generation of Chillstream PS3 controllers will not have motion sensing. Right now, that technology is only confirmed to be in official Sony brand controllers. "This is a corded gamepad and it does not support the motion sensing at this time," said Logitech representative Pamela McCracken.

    Logitech first introduced their Chillstream technology in August, when they released the original one designed for PC games. The PS3 version is the first controller announced from Logitech built specifically for Sony's next-generation gaming console. Sony said that most of the existing Playstation and PS2 controllers will be compatible with the PS3.

    Logitech will sell the controller for a suggested retail price of $40. It will be available when the Playstation 3 is released on 17 November.