Virtually strafe your workplace with Goggles, a Google maps flight simulator

  • Culver City (CA) - Frustrated at work? Now you can relieve some stress with Goggles, a flight simulator game that uses Google Maps. The Flash-based game, played inside a browser, lets players fly a World War I era biplane over Google Maps' satellite imagery. Players can bank, dive, climb and even strafe terrain.

    Players can fly around the four default locations of London, Dublin, New York or Washington DC, or they can program in their own locations. Arrow keys makes the plane bank, climb and dive, while the A and Z keys slow and speed up the plane.

    But if flying around seems a bit boring, you can hit the space bar to fire off your guns. You can even strafe the ground if you fire while diving. Players can even perform their own Kamikaze attack by crashing into the ground.

    The game, officially called Goggles Flight Sim v0.94, was invented by Mark Caswell-Daniels and can be accessed for free here. While the game pulls image data from Google Maps, Daniels says on the webpage that, "This game is in no way affiliated with the nice people at Google."

    Have fun and please play responsibily.

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