EA's NBA Live 07 shoots to retailers

  • Electronic Arts today announced that the new installment to its NBA Live series has shipped to retailers nationwide. Continuing EA's partnership with ESPN, the sports network makes a defined appearance in NBA Live 07.

    NBA Live 07 takes another step to more a more realistic game experience with voiceover from celebrities in the sport appearing in the game. Broadcaster Marv Albert and former Chicago Bulls player Steve Karr perf orm the in-game sportscasting.

    Additionally, ESPN got deeply integrated into the game: For the Xbox 360 and the upcoming PS3 versions of the game there are ESPN podcasts, video segments and other original programming will be downloaded directly to the console through Live 07. There also will be an on-screen ESPN ticker and news updates.

    NBA Live 07 has shipped for the Xbox and Xbox 360, and PSP, as well as in modified versions for mobile phones and the PC. The PS2 version will follow suit on 27 September. A PS3 version will also be released after the console launches on 17 November, EA said.

    The game is priced between $40 and $60, depending on platform.

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