Electronic Arts adopts Unreal 3 engine for upcoming titles

  • Electronic Arts has licensed Epic Games' Unreal 3 Engine for upcoming titles. No specific games were mentioned, but EA says "several next-generation titles" will be using the engine. Financial details have not been released.

    The Unreal 3 engine is used in several current and upcoming Xbox 360 games including BioWare's Mass Effect and Gears of Wars. It is part of development kits for the upcoming Sony Playstation 3 console.

    Back in 2004, Electronic Arts bought Criterion Software Group and began using Criterion's RenderWare technology in several games. There is no word if RenderWare will be phased out, but Paul Lee, president of EA studios says, "We license cutting edge tools like the Unreal Engine 3 and combine them with our own systems to create state-of-the-art development technology."