The "Next-Gen in video game entertainment" is a sham - opinion

  • If we sit back and take stock of what this "next-gen" in gaming has delivered, and will be delivering, to us I would say that the entire thing is one major cock-up, and gamers have been fools to be taken in by it.

    The Xbox 360, the first herald of this next-generation of loveliness. What did we get with it? A whole heap or PR tripe, leading up to a disastrous launch pockmarked by shortages; alleged price hiking by retailers, via forced selling of expensive bundles to consumers; and then a first year of operation which basically saw Microsoft and partner developers sitting on their hands waiting for the launch of the PlayStation 3 to be, coincidentally, also marked by the launching of big-name titles for the 360.

    Ohh, and one other thing: All new games now cost about ten or fifteen quid more than they used to, depending on where you live.

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