The World Wide Web Turned 25

Posted by David Konow

So many people love to complain about the web, especially the trolls, and certainly they’re obnoxious, but we at TGD love the net, and feel it’s one of the greatest boons to mankind. Now the web is twenty five years old, and it’s amazing to think it’s already hit this milestone. 

As the Daily Beast tells us, the World Wide Web hit this milestone on March 12, 1989, and as the head of the Web Foundation told the Beast, “We’re very excited about the 25th anniversary.” At the Science Museum in London is a computer where Sir Tim Berners-Lee created the net. 
The museum’s curator pointed out if you switched off that computer, it would have shut down the web at the time, and as a source put it, Lee “used it both to design what the World Wide Web was and then to serve the first web pages. There are very few objects in the history of technology where you can say that was the first…This is actually the world’s first web server.” 
And of course there’s still plenty more that can be done with the web. As several people pointed out to the Daily Beast, there’s still so much untapped potential to this day. Yes there’s a lot of trolls who use it for stupidity, but tools are only as good as whoever’s using them, and we’re very thankful for the internet. It’s made many lives incredibly better, and once I got on it for the first time, I wondered where this wonderful thing had been all my life.