Metallica Hit Another Sales Milestone

Posted by David Konow

It’s amazing that some albums continue to sell in a day and age where people no longer pay for music, but there are indeed some classics that new generations will probably continue to buy for years to come. Metallica, being a big catalog artist, are certainly one of those bands, and their biggest selling album keeps marching on.

In fact, as and Billboard report, the Black album will be hitting 16 million copies in sales, making it the still undisputed champ of the SoundScan era. The Black album came out in 1991, and it still sells 2 to 3,000 copies a week. 
While the band told Rolling Stone they have to tour even more than usual because the royalties don’t roll in like the old days, Metallica is still considered one of the biggest catalog artists in history behind The Beatles, and the Black album is indeed one of those recordings that keeps going and going, much like Dark Side of the Moon and Appetite For Destruction.
It’s also remarkable to think the Black album is well over two decades old now. Like we often say as we get older, seems like only yesterday, and it was a fascinating transition period in music. The groundswell for Seattle was just starting to build, and soon it would eclipse the hair bands of the eighties. 
While the Black album would be Metallica’s commercial peak, the band survived a lot of trials since then, and they’re still here. Master of Puppets may be their best album, but the Black album is a major testament to their longevity.