Suiting Up For Genre Flicks

Posted by David Konow

Michael Keaton is in the new RoboCop, and he had fun talking about the new RoboCop suit, which is much easier to move around in than the usual armored movie costume. Keaton should know. He had to wear that cumbersome, hard rubber Batsuit back in 1989, which was very hard to move around in, but it set the template for superhero costumes today. 

So now Yahoo has listed the toughest suits in genre movies, and the usual suspects are all here, including Godzilla, Iron Man, Predator, the original RoboCop, and more. According to this story, Peter Weller actually was briefly fired from RoboCop because the suit was such a pain in the ass to wear. And Keaton admitted wearing the Batsuit often gave him panic attacks from the claustrophobia. 
Apparently the Iron Man suit got more comfortable as the movies progressed, but Robert Downey Jr. said, “There is no comfortable version of it, so it’s kind of like, ‘Hey don’t you think these bamboo shoots are actually a little less rough on the cuticle until they get down to the nerve?” 
The original Godzilla suit weighed over two hundred pounds, and the guy playing him sweated like crazy during the shoot. In Jurassic Park there was also some suit work, and the guy in one costume had to crouch to play a dinosaur, but his back would go out after half an hour.
The guy who played the alien in Alien was 7 foot two, and the suit was made of clay, rubber, real bones, tubes, wires, and more. Try to imagine having to wear that for hours and hours every day. So when you’re younger, you’re probably under the impression it would be fun to play Godzilla or another great genre creature, but it’s probably similar to playing a character at Disneyland. You’ll get really hot and sweaty, and you probably aren’t getting paid anywhere near enough to put up with it.