Does the New RoboCop Suck?

Posted by David Konow

We’re not nuts about the idea that two Paul Verhoeven sci-fi classics have been remade, RoboCop and Total Recall. There’s still a lot of fan goodwill out there for Total Recall, and for many, us included, remaking RoboCop is tanamount to blasphemy. Still, we’ve been keeping our fingers crossed, and are hoping for the best.

Official reviews for the new RoboCop should be in soon, it opens on February 12, but an early screening just happened in L.A., and my friend, author Matt Lohr, who runs a blog called Movie Zombie, just saw it, and he wasn’t impressed.
As Lohr posted on Facebook, “Joe Padiha’s RoboCop represents exactly what most people hate about remakes, removing the wit and sharp, caustic satire of the original film…” Apparently the film’s story set up is pretty much the same, but it doesn’t sound like it has the depth of the first one, where Verhoeven “used this sci-fi premise to explore some genuinely compelling points about the law-and-order mentality of its era, the nature of identity, and the catastrophic results of the de-industrialization of the great American City. [Detroit].” 
Apparently, with the new RoboCop, as deep as it gets is making mention of the drones controversy. Lohr also found the villains generic, the action and performances uninspired.
Again, we’ll wait for official word from the trades, and Lohr is always just one opinion, but if the new RoboCop doesn’t deliver, it would really be a let down because the original is still a classic, there was no reason to remake it in the first place, and it’s especially disappointing to read that what made RoboCop special in the first place, the humor and the wit, has been eliminated. (Although for a big Hollywood remake, this shouldn’t be a shock.) 
We at TGD believe if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and the OG RoboCop still ain’t broke.