Producer of Blade Runner Passes Away At 106

Posted by David Konow

When the news hit that Sir Run Run Shaw was going to retire at the tender age of 104, it was really remarkable news that he made it this far. Yes, if you take good care of yourself, you can go to 100 and beyond, and 104 is definitely a good age to think about slowing down and taking it easy.

Now Shaw has passed away at 106, which is absolutely a good, long life. If the name is not familiar, you certainly should know one of his best known titles, a little sci-fi film called Blade Runner. As Variety tells us, Shaw, along with his brother Runme, the Shaw Brothers were the pioneers of cinema in China, and they made a whopping 760 films. 
According to Variety, the Shaw Brothers would make up to twenty movies a year, and like a lot of film producers from the orient, they made many kung fu flicks including Five Fingers of Death, which broke through chop socky flicks to the American market, The Five Deadly Venoms, and The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires (which they co produced with Hammer Studios in England). Eventually the Shaw Brothers expanded into American films like Cannoball!, which inspired the Cannonball Run series, and finally culminating in Blade Runner, which the brothers co-financed with Warner Brothers. 
We owe a lot to the Shaw Brothers, not just for Blade Runner, but for making kung fu movies popular on American shores. They leave behind a remarkable legacy of films, and it also goes to show you that even when you’re over a hundred, it’s important to keep busy, although we can’t begrudge anyone for retiring at 104. At that age, you’ve earned the right to play golf, goof off, and have a little fun.