Flash Gordon to Get a Dark Reinvention

Posted by David Konow

Many of us know Flash Gordon from the 1980 remake. Many of us can still remember the Queen score (Flash! Ah-ahhh!), and it was a really fun remake of the sci-fi classic. It didn’t do well at the box office, but it still has a strong fan following to this day. (It was even recently parodied in Seth MacFarlane’s Ted.)

Of course, Flash Gordon’s legacy goes back much further than this. There was a comic strip, as well as a Universal serial that made a star out of Buster Crabbe. With so many genre classics getting dark reinventions these days, why not Flash Gordon? In fact, we’re surprised another Flash remake hasn’t been announced yet, but this reboot will be coming through a graphic novel, Starlight, created by Mark Millar and Goran Parlov.
As Giant Freakin Robot tells us, Fox bought the rights to the graphic novel, which hasn’t been published yet, and three studios battled for this property before Fox won the fight. These days a lot of stories are getting sequels and prequels via graphic novels because let’s face it, it’s a much cheaper to tell a story on paper than it is to mount a movie. And this version of Flash Gordon is being described as a combination of the original story meets Frank Miller’s Batman reinvention, The Dark Knight Returns. 
X-Men screenwriter Simon Kinberg, who will also be consulting on the new Star Wars films, will produce the big screen adaptation of Starlight, if it ever does makes it to the big screen. Now that Fox lost Star Wars, is the studio looking for Flash to help fill the void? We wouldn’t be surprised, and we’d be more than happy to see Flash back in action again.