Is a Star Wars Series in Development at Netflix?

Posted by David Konow

Marvel and Lucasfilm are both owned by Disney, and there are plans to bring more Marvel superheroes to the world via a Netflix series, which will launch in 2015. Could a Star Wars series also be coming via Netflix?

This is what Giant Freakin Robot tells us could be happening, and it would make sense because Disney recently announced they want to apply the same successful formula they’ve used for Marvel to the Star Wars universe. Jay Rasulo, the CFO of Neflix, also just dropped some interesting hints as well. 
“I think everything I say about marvel you can take a couple of years downt he road and subtitle the world Marvel for Lucasfilm,” he said. “But we really wanted to take this treasure trove of content and deliver it throughout the Disney ecosystem. Buy this great content, use the existing ecosystem to deliver it all over the world in everything that we do.”
There are a lot of plans for Star Wars at Disney, and not just for big screen productions. 
There was a Star Wars series recently in the works at ABC, which would have been a much darker take on the franchise, but it was abandoned because it would have cost an estimated $5 million an episode. 
So perhaps Star Wars will follow the same template as the upcoming Marvel Netflix series, or maybe it will borrow a page or two from SHIELD. If we had to guess a potential time of arrival, it would be some time after the next Star Wars movie comes out on December 18, 2015.