JJ Abrams Says No New Star Trek Series?

Posted by David Konow

Recently a rumor hit the web that there may be another Star Trek series in the works, and why not? There have been many incarnations of Star Trek on the big and small screen, and considering Trekkies can’t get enough, a new series could totally go like gangbusters.

Yet JJ Abrams just told Entertainment Weekly that CBS are “not interested in a new” in a new Trek TV show. “I’ve been hearing for as long as I can remember that CBS, who has the rights to the series, as just been saying they’re not interested. That’s the word I’ve been told.” 
This seems odd to us because we got the impression that Roberto Orci has been seriously looking into doing a new Trek series. And in response to Abrams, CBS replied, “We love the Star Trek franchise, its fan base and the many possibilities for its future when the time is right.”
With JJ going over to Star Wars, the future of Trek has been a bit up in the air, although Paramount wants to get the next movie up and running soon, and they’re currently trying to nail down a director. You certainly don’t have to wait for the franchise to stabilize, it’s had considerable lulls before (Star Trek: The Motion Picture anyone?), and all it takes is the right story (Wrath of Khan anyone?) to bring it back on top.