Back the Future Creator Bob Gale is Back with Retribution High

Posted by David Konow

One of the best parts of Back to the Future was when George McFly finally grew a pair, knocked Biff Tannen on his ass, and altered the course of his destiny. Tannen was a great villain, and it was great to see Marty McFly’s father give him his just deserts.

There’s a lot in the news these days about bullying, and how destructive it is for a lot of kids growing up. Now Bob Gale, who wrote Back to the Future with Robert Zemeckis, has a new novel available for Kindle download called Retribution High
The book has a very cinematic tagline (“Sometimes God answers prayers and sometimes the devil does”), and Amazon describes the story as having elements of Friday the 13th, Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter, and Tales From the Crypt as well. (Zemeckis is one of several producers who brought Tales From the Crypt to HBO.) 
Retribution High deals with two best friends who are the targets of The Syndicate, a group of rich kids who live to pray on the weak. The kids pray for a miracle during a thunderstorm, very Back to the Future-ish, and soon someone steps in to help, but is he truly a gift from above, or somewhere else?
There are two editions of Retribution High you can download for $3.99 on Amazon, one that would make an X-rated movie, and one that would earn an R. (Gale is hoping to make this a movie as well.) So it’s great that Gale is back, and he’s still looking out for the little guy, just like he did with Marty McFly in Back to the Future.