The Star Wars / Disney Deal Closed a Year Ago

Posted by David Konow

I’m cruising around the net looking for something to write about, and I see a headline about a Star Wars anniversary. Which one? It’s definitely not the anniversary of any of the movie’s releases. They all came out in the summer. When did the Holiday Special air? It couldn’t have been October, could it?

As it turns out, October 30 is the one-year anniversary that George Lucas sold Lucasfilm to Disney, setting up a new era for Star Wars movies. Has it been that long already? Wow, how time flies.
As with everything with Lucas, this was so top secret that we were all blindsided by the news. There’s going to be more Star Wars films? Lucas sold his company to Disney and made four billion in the deal? That’s big news, and it’s remarkable it was kept secret as long as it was.
We’ve still got a ways before the next Star Wars movie is out in the world. We all know by now that it will be out sometime in 2015, and JJ Abrams is the anointed one to revive the franchise. Of course, Abrams turned it down at first, Star Wars was too sacred to go near, but he’s now ready to step up to the challenge. 
Every Star Wars fan knows the date 5-25-77, or May 25, 1977. It was the day the first Star Wars hit theaters, and movies were changed forever. There’s no way the new Star Wars could have anywhere near the impact of the original, although it will certainly be a big event when it comes out, and it’s already been a year since the deal’s been done. Will this date go down in history, or live in infamy? We’ll just have to wait and see.