Is Ben Kingsley Returning to the Marvel Universe?

Posted by David Konow

We’ve often said here on TGD that many serious actors have an inner geek that’s dying to get out. Ian McKellen has done a great job as Gandolf and Magneto, Patrick Stewart has been geeking out for years as Captain Picard and Professor Xavier, and Ben Kinglsey did two geek performances this year in Iron Man 3 and Ender’s Game.

There have been reports that there’s a “secret Marvel project” that Ben Kingsley has reportedly been up for, and Collider took a deeper look into this. The official word from Marvel’s president of production, Kevin Feige, is “We’re not talking about it.” But Kingsley said the “secret Marvel project” was recently filmed.
This project is apparently a Marvel one-off short, which is the latest thing the company has been doing as DVD / BluRay extras. According to Collider and Latino Review, this will be a short involving The Mandarin, but this one is about “the REAL Mandarin” as Latino Review claims. We won’t go further into details, they’re brief but we’re not going to give away the store on this one. In this case, this could be a very short little movie, and anything bigger than a thumbnail sketch could give it away.
So it’s nice to see that Kingsley’s having a good time getting his geek on, and it’s also good to see that even the best actors in the world don’t always take themselves so seriously, and can have some fun when they’re not playing Gandhi or doing Shakespeare.