Why Was Carrie Remade Again?

Posted by David Konow

Today is a day many horror fans have been dreading for a long time: The release date of the remake of Carrie. We at TGD are not fans of the endless conveyor belt of horror remakes, and we absolutely put Carrie in the category of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 

The reviews for Carrie came in late, which is not a good sign right before a movie’s release, and they were fair to middling. The fact that there’s been little advance buzz on the film, and the fact that Stephen King’s name can’t be found on the ads is not promising. (King has a deal where if he doesn’t like an adaptation of one of his stories, you’re not allowed to use his name in the advertising.)
Now there’s always the possibility we could be wrong and the remake of Carrie could actually be good, but we’re frankly just puzzled why it was redone in the first place. Watching the trailers, it doesn’t look much different than the original, and we’re also not big believers in remaking a film if you can bring something new or different to the proceedings. 
If the reboot of Carrie sucks, we’re sure the original Brian DePalma masterpiece will stand strong, and the remake won’t put a dent in its impact. The original movie still makes a strong statement against bullying, and you didn’t need to spend millions of dollars remaking it to make the same point all over again.