The Kung Fu Power of Mortal Kombat Legacy 2

Posted by David Konow

It seems some people are trying to beat the bad video game movie curse by doing web series. Halo’s done very well on the web, and Mortal Kombat Legacy 2 has also been going like gangbusters, racking up over 70 million views on YouTube. 

The show was created by Kevin Tancharoen, who told the L.A. Times the next installment of the show will come out all at once, because of the popularity of “binge-viewing,” where fans engulf all the episodes of a season in one sitting. 
Tancharoen told the Times he’s watched House of Cards, one of the series that helped launch binge viewing, in three days, and he watched the entire series of Breaking Bad in a week. “I think audiences want that now.” Even with the episodes of Mortal Kombat only lasting ten minutes, “It’s a little unfair to have your fans wait a week for another 10 minutes.” 
Tancharoen was also toying with redoing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but he didn’t think he could pull off the budget a Turtles reboot required. “Those [turtle] suits are way too expensive for me, so I thought Mortal Kombat will be cool…people haven’t really seen anything new about it in a while and there was a nostalgic love behind it.” 
Tancharoen has also kept it old school with his Kombat. The game series is now up to Mortal Kombat 9, “But I just wanted to pick the roster that I remember loving and playing in either the arcade or on Sega Genesis.”