Under the Dome Standing Strong at End of Season One

Posted by David Konow

With Sleepy Hollow, Revolution, and Under the Dome, horror and sci-fi genre TV is really hot right now, and it’s great to see genre shows going strong on the small screen. Dome, the TV adaptation of the Stephen King novel, has been growing strong with the viewers and critics, and by the time you read this, there will be some big twists at the end of season one.

Like Revolution, there are secrets to unveil, and as Dome producer Neal Baer told The Wrap, “We have so many new mysteries to unfold relating to the mini-dome, so we’re always every week revealing something.”
Like the 1979 mini-series of Salem’s Lot, Dome is respecting King’s novel, but it’s not a slave to it. “The novel is a great springboard for the characters and the setting and format,” Baer said. “But with Stephen King’s blessing, we veered off into our own world with the mini-dome and the egg and all of that…There’s such a vast canvas of characters in the novel that we just can’t cover on the show. So, we have an amalgamation of characters and invented some of our own that could tell the story in a way that’s good for TV rather than what’s good for a novel.” 
Baer also added that it won’t end like the novel, “But, we will have a major revelation” that will be “truly shocking.” 
The work of Stephen King has proven very adaptable to TV because of the length of many of his books. It’s good to see Under the Dome turning out so well, and we get the impression that like many great TV shows it could end up getting better and better as it goes on.