Good News / Bad News For Gamers in France

Posted by David Konow

It’s often easy to forget that gaming is a world-wide phenomenon, not just a US one. Why shouldn’t people all over the world love gaming, right? While we at TGD often cover gaming in the American market, it’s interesting to see how the gaming market does all over the world. 

So now that gaming is shaping up for another big season, Variety tells us that other ways to play games, like mobile platforms, are growing, while consoles may be going the way of the dinosaur. Variety also reports that French video games are getting hit the hardest by this development. 
The numbers say that France spent $2.48 billion in gaming last year, with digital, online and mobile games being 43% of sales, a big jump from 2011, where those sales were 32%. As to why physical platforms have been in trouble, it’s been blamed on weaker platforms like the Wii U, but the gaming industry has been moving in a digital direction for quite some time now. 
Where sales on French games were in trouble, the big boy in France was the same as the US, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, along with EA’s Fifa 13 and Just Dance 4 from Ubisoft. This report also tells us that online games are expected to grow 9% a year up to 2016, which should definitely cause some interesting seismic shifts in the marketplace. 
Will the day come where physical product in gaming will be completely eliminated, like the CD went out of style in music? Stay tuned.